Who can apply?

  • Incorporated bodies
  • Individuals
  • Partnerships and companies
  • Public agencies
  • Consortia—comprising collaborations between groups and individuals listed above where such collaboration is governed by a written legal agreement
  • Local Action Groups

To be eligible for funding the project should be:

  • Based within the Local Development Strategy area
  • Be innovative, sustainable and seek to benefit the local community
  • Assist at least one of the LEADER target groups
  • Contribute to one or more of the main themes and priorities of the Rural Strategy

The LEADER grant is paid in arrears. Therefore, all payments will be made retrospectively. Applicants will need to have match funding, normally 50% or more of the total project cost. The LEADER grant cannot be released until you have this match funding in place. A minimum grant of £5,000 and a maximum grant of £125,000 can be awarded.

The Local Action Group (LAG) approves all applications.